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Our Mission

Sun City West is one of the safest communities in Arizona and the United States. The ability to make this claim comes in part from the dedicated volunteers who belong to an organization called; the Sheriff’s Posse of Sun City West (Posse).

It is important to know that the Posse works closely with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. The Posse is the eyes and the ears that provide the day to day patrolling coverage and theft deterrent that comes from having our patrol cars on the street virtually 24 hours per day. That means a much safer community since the Posse is your first line of security as part of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. In fact, beyond patrols, there are many other free services your Posse offers you.

Vacation Watch We watch your home while you travel  Assist At Emergencies  Neighborhood Block Watch R.U.O.K. Program Receive a phone call each day at your designated time to insure your welfare and safe being.  Garage Door Checks  



Funeral Watch - a marked patrol car and uniformed officer maintain a vigilance of the premises during a funeral service. 

Speaker Bureau - Provide knowledgeable speakers to clubs and groups to assist in maintaining security and safety within the area.

Respond to all 911 calls - Provide assistance with traffic, and assuring the emergency vehicles are secure. 

Recycle - Cell phones and ink toner cartridges.

Home Security Audits

Traffic Control

WAY Program (Where are you? ) Assists in the recovery of Alzheimer and dementia residents who may wander away from their homes. 

Well-being Checks

Accept Torn/Faded US Flags

Annual Drug collection - Assist in the collection of unused and outdated drugs.

Pet Alert Sign Program

Patrols - Day and night Patrolling of all streets in the community in marked cards 365 days of the year.

Operation Notification - A program to have current responsible parties on file for all businesses, clubs and facilities in SCW in case a problem arises.

Learn about these Alerts

Alarm system scams 

IRS scams

Catalytic Converters

Grandparents Be Aware