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SCW Posse Recruit  Training Requirements (approximate hours)

Posse Classroom: Basic Orientation  

Traffic Control Part A (Theory) 4 Hours 

Communications 4 hours 

Map Reading 4 hours  

Posse Fundamentals (MCSO Requirement) 8 hours 

Defensive Driving 8 hours  

CPR/First Aid 4 hours

MCSO Outline required training classes 10 hours

Court Ordered MCSO required 4th and 14th Amendment class 20 hours

Posse Field Training   5 Patrol Shifts3 5 hours  

1 Dispatch Shift 7 hours  1

Vacation Watch Shift 7 hours  

Traffic Control Part B (Practical) 4 hours 

Duty Officer Final Check Ride 4 hours

Total  122 hours

SCW Dispatch Training Requirements

Associate Classroom 


Map Reading

Field Ride along on all 3 shifts

In House Training 

Six 7 hour shifts 

Sworn Would be required to take new recruit in house training.

At the end of training Associate and Sworn would be required to do 4 shifts per month.

Most current application is available at the Posse and will be posted soon


Maricopa County Sheriff’s Posse